Snowed In 7

Snowed In 7 1.1

Help Santa manage the presents


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Cute graphics and fun sounds
  • Two game modes


  • A bit repetitive

Very good

If you've played any of the Snowed In games before then you'll know just how addictive they can be. Now in its seventh year, this latest version of the game proves to be a real cracker.

Snowed In 7 - White Christmas charges you with the task of helping santa round up the presents that have been frozen in the ice. The presents are located in squares arranged on a large grid, and must be matched up into rows or columns of three or more matching items. You do this by clicking on a present then selecting where you want to move it to (it has to be an adjacent square).

It's great fun to play, and although Snowed In 7 can get a bit repetitive, you should be coming back to it for quite a while to try to beat the high score on both the Easy and Timed game modes.

In terms of its presentation, Snowed In 7 looks and sounds great. Though small, the graphics are cute and colorful, and the Christmassy music and sound effects make this a real festive cracker.

Snowed In 7 - White Christmas is one game you'll still be playing long after Boxing Day.

Fixed 'No more moves' screen and 'Times up' screen swapped


  • Fixed 'No more moves' screen and 'Times up' screen swapped
Snowed In 7


Snowed In 7 1.1

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